CBD Notes - FAQ


Isolate – 99.9% CBD THC filtered out.

Distillate (Broad Spectrum) – All 113 cannabinoids except THC.  THC filtered out.  But, over long periods of time (many years) could show traces of THC and you would have to take a lot of it.

Full Spectrum- All 114 cannabinoids including THC.

General Rule of Thumb – 1 mg. for every 10 lbs. of body weight – everyone is different.  Start small and experiment.  Increase until you feel the affects you want – severe pain could be starting at 40mg.

Tincture dropper – each drop is 2 mg.  

.25/ml = 4 drops (8mg)

.50/ml = 8 drops (16mg)

.75/ml = 12 drops (24mg)

1.0/ml = 16 drops (32mg)

*Keep out of heat/light (dark/cool places best)

*Shake before each use

*Consistency – use every day or it does not work.  It must get into your system; it could take a few months to see full results.

Certificate of Analysis (COA) – product analyzed by 3rd party certified testing lab

*Take with food or fasting – be consistent

*Do not put in coffee – not water soluble