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My personal story

I have battled skin cancer on my face for a lot of years and have had many surgeries.  A friend told me about CBD salve to put on the face and how it cured a friend who was dealing with melanoma on his face.  His friend was cured.  I immediately went out and bought some.  After 1½ years of CBD salve, I have some of the best checkups ever.

This same friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer and it had metastasized in his hip.  The prognosis was not favorable.  He started taking CBD capsules and his cancer is gone.  The doctors were amazed!  So, I thought what the heck, I will try them.  I have been taking CBD since 2018 and I feel calmness, reduced anxiety, reduced pain, and I sleep like a baby.  I started buying it wholesale for my friends and family and the results were incredible for a lot of folks.  Migraines are gone, diabetes reversed, seizures stopped, anxiety reduced to name a few.  I even gave it to my dog who had seizures, she has not had one in 2 years. I then realized I need to open my own company. So, DreemweaverCBD was born in June of 2019.

Brent Weaver had one goal in mind when starting DreemweaverCBD, and that was to help as many people have a healthy and more natural lifestyle at wholesale prices.  At DreemweaverCBD, we work with you to find the best fit for your CBD needs.  Call us today!  I have found great high quality companies to buy from.  I always try it myself first and check the COA’s (certificate of analysis) from independent third party lab. My main goal is to help people!!

*A portion of each sale is donated to HalstonsHopeFoundation.org

Please check them out as they are a great organization

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Products Available:
• Isolate & Broad Spectrum Tinctures
• Capsules
• Gummies
• Topicals
• CBD for Pets

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